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Order Management System (OMS)

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Successful enterprises understand the importance of visibility in Order Management. From overall delivery cycle times to granular efficiencies at different stages of the order management processes, greater visibility allows for the continual improvement of processes that can decrease costs while simultaneously improving performance.

Whether you are a manufacture, a distributor, or a services organization, TSQUARE can help enable multi-site, multi-company, cross-system visibility with an Order Management System that promotes more on-time deliveries, while also streamlining processes for improved efficiency and lower coasts associated with implementing.

Order Acceptance:
You can create an order directly from the quotation generated in QMS. Information like order contact details, contractual date and other commercial information is captured automatically.

Order Tracking:
After confirmation, order goes through various phases like passing on details of the order to your accounts department, communication with Customer about amendment, L/C opening, extension, PBG Security etc. OT takes care of these phases by maintaining appropriate information. Auto-emailing feature will send e-mail to customer on some key events like receipt of shipment date, L/C extension. Simple UI guarantees that tracking is very easy to conduct.

OMS seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. You can set follow ups for the order phases and To Do list.
These entered items can be managed either by OMS or by Microsoft Outlook.

MIS Reports:
Management would like to analyze the orders received by the company. Keeping management needs in mind; our product supports the following reports:
  Number of orders received on monthly basis
  Orders received from customers
  Principal wise orders executed
  Number of shipments delayed
  Stage wise order progress analysis

Features & Benefits:
  Order Creation
  Communication with various departments like Accounts, Service
  Order Tracking
  Handling of L/C PBG
  Auto E-Mail
  To Do List
  Quick Search
  Graphical reports
  Integration with 3rd party software like Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, PDF

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