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Quotation Management System (QMS)

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The TSQUARE Quotation Management System enables sales teams to spend more time closing deals and less time producing documents TSQUARE Quotation Management system can be easily integrated with a product configuration, business rules engine, workflowmanagement or other components.

All businesses depend on quoting strategies and systems to deliver accurate information to those making buying decisions. The relative efficiency and accuracy of these systems can have a tremendous affect on profitability. This system will provide the reader with the critical metrics and measurement techniques needed to better understand and ultimately enhance their quotation strategies.

Quotation Management Knowledge-based Proposal Document Configuration automates the creation of personalized proposals producing quotes quickly and accurately, with the right product specifications and pricing guaranteed.

Helps you create a streamlined quotation process and increase win rates.

Use Guided Selling to quickly create quotations for build-to-order, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order products and services.

Helps support team workflows and documents, with robust management of all activities and deliverables for complex quotations.

MIS Reports:
Management would like to analyze the Quotation delivered by the company. Keeping management needs in mind; our product supports the following reports:
  Number of enquiries received on monthly basis
  Customer wise quotations
  Product wise quotations
  Pending enquiries
  Product in demand
  Recovered/Pending EMDs
  Quotation Vs Order Analysis

Features & Benefits:
  Enquiry capture
  Quotation preparation
  Quotation revision
  Draft quotation
  Multi-currency support
  Preserve customer communication
  Quotation E-Mail
  Supporting tools for data imports
  Integration of different offices
  To do list
  Follow up
  MIS Reports

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