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Service Management System (SMS)

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TSQUARE provides hosted reverse Service Management System solutions to streamline workflows and track products through the entire service chain (Pre-installation visit, Installation visit, PM visit Returns management, , Service management, Break down / Repair Management, Quality assurance, Warranty Claims and AMC Proposal).

Our Service Management System gives you the intelligence needed to maximize the revenue from your current business, make strategic cost-benefit decisions, and expand your company. Increase your profit margin by eliminating inefficiencies, reducing operations costs and improving customer relations. We enable you to make money and save money.

Allows managers and administrators to monitor and control the entire service chain process.

  Robust administration tools allows administrators to easily customize the system
  Standard reports provide visibility on various aspects of the repair process
  Define and monitor specific service processes through custom programs
  Configure custom fields to capture unique information
  Real-time Dashboard flash reports allow management to keep track of key performance metrics to ensure that repair operations are operating at
    maximum service levels
  Provides instant visibility to past work orders and historical information, so customer service reps can provide fast, factual answers for improved
  Provides historical service information for each piece of equipment to determine if a problem is a reoccurring one

For work force management and field service operations, TSQUARE provides much more than scheduling your onsite technicians to arrive and on time. TSQUARE software is an advanced suite of tools that account for the entire service experience across your company.

Eliminate manual warranty processes by collecting required information at the time of repair and automatically generate claim forms - paper or electronic. Warranty optimizes submittal levels by capturing and increasing warranty revenue.

AMC Proposal:
After expiry of the warranty, Service Management System enters into AMC agreement with the clients on mutually agreed terms and conditions. The AMC agreement can be offered as comprehensive (including all components) or non - comprehensive (excluding all components). In case AMC agreement is not signed, System will provide services on call basis.

MIS Reports:
Management would like to analyze the Services provided the company. Keeping management needs in mind; our product supports the following reports:
  Branch wise complaints
  Mean Break Down time of an instrument
  Total Repair Time
  AMC's won in a year
  AMC's lost in a year
  Number of Visits required to solve any complaint
  Pending list of complaints
  Efficiency calculations

Features & Benefits:
  Maintain instrument history
  Capture customer complaints
  Create AMC/CC Proposals
  Plan of AMC visits
  Payment Tracking
  Call Scheduling
  Visit Assignments
  Analysis of service reports
  Integration of pre-installation checks
  PM Reminders to customer
  Installation visits
  Extension to build knowledge base
  Importing of existing instruments

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